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    • EC27 Guava Plus Posted May 22, 2015


      EC27 Guava Plus
      For 27 skin conditions. Best for hair loss, dandruff, pimple/acne, psoriasis, skin asthma, body odor/excessive sweating, dermatitis, allergy, bed sore, dry skin, insect bite, warts and skin tag prevention, masculine and feminine hygiene, skin rash, itching, wounds, scaly rough skin, jock itch space (had-had), boils (pigsa), blister (mamaso), papule (butlig), pityriasis versicolor (an-an), prickly heat (bungang-araw), ringworm (buni), scabies (galis-aso), athletes foot (alipunga).
      Contains natural guava extract and special oils that can treat 27 different skin condition.
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      Weight: 135g