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      Know more about Dr. Edinell
      Inspired by the wonders of natural healing and alternative medicine and moved by her strong belief in the propagation of such, Dr. Edinell Calvario pursued higher studies at The Open International University for Complementary Medicines based in Colombo, Sri Lanka earning her a Master’s Degree in Alternative Medicine (The Fellowship Register of Royal Complementary Practitioners) and Doctor of Philosophy in Alternative Medicine. She finished her collegiate course in 1983 at The Lyceum of the Philippines with a degree of Bachelor of Science in Journalism.

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      In March 2002, Dr Calvario founded Career Development Institute for Asia and the Pacific Inc. (CDI), a school offering Nursing Assistance and Alternative Healing courses and held the position of President and School Director. Likewise in 2002, she invented the now famous EC27 Guava Plus Soap, a revolutionary invention that was granted a patent by the Philippine Intellectual Property Office ( IPO ) in 2006 under Patent No. 2-2003-000229 that effectively addresses 27 skin-related conditions . Since then had set-up EC Healing Well Corporation to serve as the distribution arm of EC27Guava Soap.


      Media Experience
      Dr Calvario hosts “Healing Galing sa TV” (ABC 5) over at free-to-air TV every Sunday and was voted Best Public Service Program for 2018 by the Philippine Press and Movie Club (PMPC) . On the other hand, Healing Galing sa Radyo over 92.3NewsFM contuse to air on weekends , every Saturdays 6-8am and Sundays 10-12nn.

      She became an advocate of naturopathy in 1994 and anchored a health program espousing natural healing under the Chinese health principle of “YIN-YANG, HONG” over radio station DWXI until July 2008.

      She also co-hosted “Sulyap Buhay Pinoy” every Sunday over Radio Ng Bayan, tackling health problems and the alternative solutions/remedies to such.
      She was a regular consultant of the ABS-CBN TV Program, “Salamat Dok” for several years.

      She was the Public Relations Officer of B3K foundation ( Balik Kalikasan, Balik Kalusugan para sa Kaunlaran ) a newly formed NGO organized to promote Natural Healing and Alternative Medicine.
      She produced and hosted the TV show, “Back-to-Back” in 1996 over RPN Channel 9, “Usapang Kongreso” over PTV-4 in 1990 until 1994 and “Uzisera-Intrigera” in 1995, aired over IBC Channel 13.
      When ABS-CBN was revived in 1987, she transferred to its radio station DZMM, working as Field reporter with Congress and Malacañang as beat assignments. She was Anchor in 1988 until 1994 and became the first recipient of the ABS-CBN Outstanding Employee of the Year Award in 1988.
      In 1980, she worked in concurrent capacity as standby announcer and field reporter of RPN-9 radio DWWW and remained with the radio station until 1985. She moved to DZRJ-AM in 1986 as commentator, providing insights and opinion on current political and social issues.

      Healing Galing Naturopathic Practitioners
      Trained by Dr Calvario, well- trained counselors and naturopathic Healing Galing practitioners are stationed all over the country and help advise patrons on the holistic approach and proper use of Healing Galing products. By tuning in to Healing Galing sa Radyo and TV, patrons are ushered in on the practical application and recommended use of the healing system weekly. Furthermore, its on-line presence via healinggaling.ph/shop makes Healing Galing more accessible all over the country.
      For a list of Healing Galing naturopathic practitioners, see healinggaling.ph/contact-us.

      Frequently Asked Questions
      Healing Galing is a radio TV show simulcast over Radyo5 92.3 News FM and AksyonTV (Philippines) every Saturday, 6am-8am and Sunday 10am-12noon hosted by veteran broadcaster, journalist and naturopathy practitioner Dra. Edinell Calvario, Doctor of Philosophy (Alternative Medicine, Medicina Alternativa Institute in Colombo, Sri Lanka, January 2006). Healing Galing shares information and offers advice during its on-air telecasts about naturopathy or naturopathic medicine employing a wide array of organic treatments with emphasis on diet and lifestyle counseling.

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      To know more about naturopathy, we encourage you to tune in to the radio/TV program regularly (refer to What is Healing Galing? for schedules). If you need to understand more, visit our Dealer listing found on our website and schedule for free counseling with a dealer nearest you.

      Healing Galing products are available and sold only by authorized Healing Galing outlets found at our Contact Us page. You may also get them at Stem Cell & Longevity Clinic, 2/F 522 Quirino Highway, near corner Mindanao Avenue, Barangay Talipapa, Novaliches, Quezon City.

      Online shop will be open soon, please wait for further announcements.