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    • DEHYDRATION : How to check if you’re dehydrated Posted April 15, 2015


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      First, use two fingers to grab a roll of skin on the back of your hand (between where your watch sits and where your fingers start).

      Next, pull the skin up about ½ to one centimeter high and then let the skin go. The skin should spring back to its normal position in less than a couple of seconds. If the skin bounces back slowly, you might be dehydrated.


      Salt & honey water

      Try adding 1-3 tablespoon honey, 1/8 teaspoon of salt to a glass of water. Sip the beverage throughout the day to cure mild dehydration. This water has electrolytes which help to reduce your dehydration.

      Cold water spray or face towel ice

      Use a spray bottle to spray cold water on exposed skin surfaces to help with cooling by evaporation.

      O di kaya, ibalot ang yelo sa face towel at saka idampi sa katawan.


      Cumin seeds has been used since centuries in ayurvedic medicine to prevent dehydration of the body. Cumin seeds are also very effective in lowering the body temperature to keep it cool. A refreshing drink prepared using cumin seeds and cool water keeps you hydrated.