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    • Wellness Recipes: Mother’s Day Posted May 18, 2017


      Wellness Recipes: Mother’s Day
      Posted May 18, 2017 by admin
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      WELLNESS RECIPES ni Chef Jeremy



      • 2 cups powdered milk
      • 380 g condensed milk
      • 1-2 tsp black rice coffee
      • 1/4 cup egg shell calcium
      • Parchment paper for wrapping or banana leaf to serve.


      • Wash and pat dry half a dozen egg shells (with membrane still intact)
      • Bake in the oven for 10-15 minutes over medium heat until ready to be pulverized.
      • Once ready, purée in the blender until you get a powder like form.
      • Start making the pastillas: In a mixing bowl, combine powdered milk, condensed milk and black rice coffee.
      • Mix and mold into bite size pieces.
      • Dust with pre-made egg shell calcium to finish.